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If CinemaNow lowered their prices, we think it could be a 'go to' site for movie viewing.


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CinemaNow is a pay-per-download service which lets you buy or rent videos individually. CinemaNow offers approximately 3,000 films that are available for electronic sell-through download to own or rental time-limited viewing. As for TV shows, CinemaNow does not provide TV shows to rent, but it offers you the option of buying them.

CinemaNow uses Windows Media DRM to control access on the movies and TV shows, so you can not play them on other devices like iPad, iPods or PSPs. You can create backup DVDs, but the videos will still be in DRM-protected WMV files, so you won’t be able to watch them on a typical set-top DVD player.

When you rent a movie, you have 30 days after downloading it to begin viewing, and you have 24 or 48 hours to watch the movie after you first press “Play”.


Movies are $9.99 to $19.99 to buy, or $3.99 to $7.99 to rent.
TV shows are $1.99 to $3.99 to buy.

CinemaNow Features

  • CinemaNow is only available in the USA and Canada
  • Customers pay for each video which can be purchased or rented
  • CinemaNow gives you the option of either streaming or downloading the video
  • Movies are in standard definition, with a few titles available in HD
  • Videos will be in DRM-protected WMV files

CinemaNow Pros

  • There are no monthly service fees
  • The website is organized and simple to navigate
  • CinemaNow has effective help and support options
  • Some movies can also be rented and downloaded to own
  • Once downloaded, you do not need to be connected to the internet to play the videos

CinemaNow Cons

  • Pay-per-download costs can add up
  • The movie selection is quite limited
  • It doesn’t offer the most current popular films
  • You’re required to watch CinemaNow rentals within 24 or 48 hours
  • You can’t play downloaded videos on iPad, iPod or PSP
  • You can burn videos to DVD only for storage, not for playback on a DVD player

The Verdict

CinemaNow offers two payment plans: pay per view rentals and download to own. There are no monthly membership plans and you must pay for each video you rent or purchase. However, the cost adds up quickly when we have to pay per movie and per television episode.

Upon further inspection of CinemaNow’s selection, we found that only a small fraction of movies are currently available, and it can be hard to find an interesting movie you haven’t seen before. Also, CinemaNow uses DRM on their video files, so you won’t be able to burn and watch on a stand alone DVD player.

We would not recommend this service. The cost to rent or buy each film is rather exorbitant, especially when there are better and cheaper options available.

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  • steve guzzetta says:

    CinemaNow is a terrible site, I can not see a movie I have already purchased. I can not see a movie more than once in the 24 hours it was rented.

    The site is non responsive, easy to lose your money, lousy service

  • Elizabeth Gray says:
    1 stars

    I’m very disappointed in the service. I will always check ratings before I sign up for any internet services.

  • John says:
    1 stars

    Worst movie site yet, I have not been able to watch a movie to completion, without having a download problem towards the end. They suggested I have a hard wire going to my blueray.

  • Ronald Hebert says:
    5 stars

    Personally, I am pleased with Cinema Now. No monthly fee, just pay what I watch. Blockbuster has recently left town and my family watches a recent movie on our HDTV once a week on Saturday night which we would have ordered from Blockbuster. Not for everyone, but it satisfies our needs.

  • Stan says:

    THEY SUCK!! DO NOT JOIN THIS RIP OFF! I ordered a movie and couldn’t get it for a week the first time. This time it’s been over a week and I phoned customer service who not only can’t speak English but couldn’t find my Account! I’m out $6 which is no big deal but I erased my Credit Card #. BE CAREFUL USING YOUR CREDIT CARD!!! AVOID!!! You will thank me later!

  • John Swieca says:

    I purchased the last season of Breaking Bad for my HD TV. I watched the first episode without a problem however after that had nothing but trouble. I would continually get this 1004 error and directed me to call support. I would keep retrying until it would finally start. When it did start, it would continually freeze. A few times instead of unfreezing, it would just restart which was even more frustrating. The only way I could watch it through completion was to start it when it would eventually start and hit pause to allow it to buffer for a long period of time. If I played it then, it seemed to work. At first I thought it may be my internet connection however I can stream Netflix from that very same TV just fine. I got frusrated when I tried to watch the last episode again so called support. They directed me to unplug my tv for 30 seconds then try again. I did not see how that would work so I humored him and tried anyway. Of course this did not help so he then asked me to change some sound settings. I was hesitant to doing so but checked them anyway and it was set to what he recommended. Then he suggested that I take my TV in to have the software removed and reinstalled. I said forget it! I just downloaded it to my laptop to watch the last episode. The support team was very pleasant and had good intentions however they were not able to resovle my problem. Being a software person by trade, I am convinced the product is just purely poor and will never use it again.

  • Dan says:
    3 stars

    CinemaNow is not any different from all the other apps for movies that you need to pay for, They do offer a wide variety of older films witch in my opinion is kind of refreshing. I have found that each app offers what they think will draw in customers. I guess what I am saying is don’t blame an app for a bad computer, or isp issue Look at the end-user problems before slamming a product that is free to download…This apps works great, just like the rest of them

  • Angele says:

    Not impressed with Cinamanow. Two nights in a row movie watching leads to being cut off more than once. Not our cable bandwidth problem. We have HDMI cable. No excuse. We pay for the movies. Cinamow needs to get with the times of technology.

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